BiggBrattzz "The Dating App" 💿

BiggBrattzz "The Dating App" 💿

We The Ones Entertainment presents "The Dating App," a groundbreaking project by the incomparable BiggBrattzz. This album is an anthology of modern love, exploring the nuances of relationships through the lens of urban life and hip-hop.


Track Highlights:

  • "Wazzup Witchu" sets the tone for the album with its party vibes and invites listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment.
  • "Ms Get Back" is a hard-hitting, empowering anthem produced by Joeskeet, showcasing BiggBrattzz's signature style and strength.
  • "Uh Huh" delves into themes of desire and attraction, blending hypnotic beats with vivid storytelling.
  • "Trap Bitch," a collaboration with WTO Sco, is a tribute to the street-wise and resilient women who play a pivotal role in the hustle.

Each track on "The Dating App" is a unique story, woven together to create a tapestry that reflects the complexity and diversity of modern romance. BiggBrattzz's lyrical prowess shines throughout the project, from assertive and bold declarations to introspective and vulnerable moments.

This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a mirror to our times, reflecting the ups and downs of relationships in today's world. BiggBrattzz invites listeners on a journey that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. The beats are as varied as the emotions they evoke, ensuring that "The Dating App" resonates with a wide audience.

Experience "The Dating App" and dive deep into the heart of modern love and life, as BiggBrattzz guides you through every turn with her compelling narratives and unforgettable rhythms.

Discover "The Dating App" now and join BiggBrattzz on this unforgettable journey of music, emotion, and life.

BiggBrattzz · The Dating App
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